Mother And Child

What’s more beautiful than talking to the furbabies?
She loved spending hours after hours talking to her little one,
Taking care of her,
Feeding her,
And having time worth spending with the little one she chose for herself, who chose her back.

I shared in my last story, womanhood doesn’t mean you have to go through motherhood.
Its okay and you have the right not to give birth.

Discuss it with your spouse if you aren’t ready and also listen to what the other person has to say.
It is mutual.
Not a war or rule.
And kindly, just don’t be a mother just for the sake of maintaining the norm.
Choose and let choose.

And a child doesn’t complete a couple.
If you are incomplete without a child,the child will not be able to complete anything for you.
Its you and your partner who needs to work on each other before risking another life into it.

You select and define your child.
Don’t let the world decide how you want you families to be.

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