There was fire in her touch.
There was fire in her embrace.
There was fire in their dreams,
The fire to keep their life in pace.

His burning desire,
His unmatchable devotion,
They kept the fire burning,
Till their last breath in the pyre.

With the ashes of their story,
The world celebrated love.
Their friendship and its glory,
Made them fly free,like a dove.

The fire faced storms,
Faded and washed by rains,
The fire of youth went off,
The fire of friendship remains.

Their story knew no end,
Their journey knew no rule.
The life with turns and bends,
Their freedom was the fuel.

They were feeding on their memories,
The struggles made them strong.
The fire within them is still on,
For a friendship that was destined to be long. -joyeeta.

P.s Forgive me if you find the poem disgusting! Im not a poet!😂😂😂

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