Thoughtful Showers

The best thing to soothe my menstrual cramps is a long bath.
It comes..once a month,with all its wierd signs!

Falling hairs,
Irritated version of myself,
Over emotional and horny!
Then suddenly im supper happy for no reason.
The cramps are like someone punching my lower abdomen,and kicking my back.
Suddenly even the ants start making sense..
It seems they had something to do with my troubles.
The sudden anxiety about a thing that i lost a month ago.
Bloated as if someone filled water in me.
Breasts behaving wierd.
Thank god i dont feel the damp because of the menstrual cup!
Its the best thing that happened to me.

Believe me..
Periods is nothing more than this.
Its a beautiful mess.
Not a disgusting danger!
Celebrate bleeding.
I am!! Are you?

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