Chhottobelar Jahaj (The Ship Of Childhood)

Today’s rain brought back so many lost memories.
Remember when we tore the last pages of our notebooks,and made these paper boats?
Well that is a very fresh and common memory we all have in the good pages of our memory book.
But do you remember what you thought while trying to make them float?
What did we expect?
Did our little hearts believed that this paper boat will reach somewhere?
May be a place where we wanted to go.
The island from the fantasy book we read at that time.
Where chocolates hung from trees!
And candies were the flowers.
We wanted to explore.
Did we wish while letting them sail in the clogged water?
What was the exact wishes?
We often forget how hopeful and positive we were when we were kids,
How we believed in ourselves.
In our capabilities,
In our little contributions.
When was the time we stopped being the kid who believed this paper boat would reach a new place,a land from far far away,
The island of hope and joy.
Did we give up when these paper boats sank?
I don’t think so,
I didn’t..
We just tore another page,
Made another boat,
And hoped this will sail,and conquer.
Paperboats don’t make me nostalgic exactly.
I keep this “paperboat” kind of hope in my heart always,
Even being a full grown adult.
I believe in this theory.
In the theory of trusting our dreams and trying our best.

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