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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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Periods are called periods,not “those days”| I know the women will relate and understand,but the men over here, please dont ignore this.
Its a request.

I belong to a privileged family. I dont deny that.
Periods didnt change my life at all..
It was just another day,it was not even painful for me when i was younger,unlike my friends.(but now it is😥).
But in this educated and privileged family too,i am not allowed to enter temples and touch the “god’s stuff”.
I didnt even try to make my parents understand because that was an awesome excuse for me not to go there😋. But everyone might not feel that way.

One of my friends were not allowed to touch anything in her own house warming puja, because it was her second day… That made me angry,very angry,inspite of her being completely okay with it.
I didnt say anything there.
I can only speak through my art.thats my favourite voice.
I have seen it is even awkward in many families to mention that a woman is menstruating.
The boys in the family dont have the clear idea about this.not even told and educated about this.why?
These seems to be really small problems when in a country women dont even get access to proper santitary hygiene and then the tax issues! But i believe – big or small,all problem is a “PROBLEM” at the end of the day.
Its strange that women are not allowed to enter a god’s temple while menstruating – a goddess’s temple to be precise who herself bleeds.
If we start talking about the taboos and the problems relating to this issue, believe me..this space is too small.

The taboo and unawareness about this matter is the core reason why people are still deprived of proper hygiene and why several problems are unsolved.

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