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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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Do i need to be in a relationship to cherish it’s magic?
I do paint from my own life,but trust me,even if i wasn’t living the life im living now,i would paint pictures of emotions and the darkest and brightest feeljngs of a human mind.
Never underestimate the power of emotions.
No failed relationship can actually take the amount of love i hold in me.
And trust me,Nor from you.
We often settle for things that people tell us about love.
We often tend to believe what we see in movies,stories or songs..
If love had one definition,
Why would there be so many stories about different kind of love,expectations,desires and relationships.
We are all made differently, with different kind and type of expressions and expectations.
Instead of following what is meant to be,why dont we find what we need?
How we need to be touched?
How we need to be loved?
How we can love?
How can we make someone feel loved?
Create your own definition for the term,and look deep into the soul of your partner and see if you can see it.

Otherwise, dont settle for things that is not worth your time.

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