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Hi! to those who know me and for those who doesn’t. Let me introduce myself, I am Joyeeta, a fine artist, illustrator, a creative mind or whatever you would like to call me, I’ll welcome that with love. 
I have been painting like every kid does, I’m just the one who didn’t stop it like other grown ups! I took this thing seriously and chose the career that pampered my passion. I did my B.F.A. i.e. my bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Indian college of arts and draftsmanship under Rabindra Bharati University and I never looked back.
With every sketch and little steps in social media and in the art field, I was blessed with the love of people and that kind of summarizes my story.
Me along with my best friend (who happens to be my husband now) created this Studio Joyeeta and that was the start of another journey, a beautiful one. We create things and memories for people, do everything that is possible and try to make the world a better place to live in.
Hi! to those who know me as theshutterbong and Ghosh, and for the new people, hey!  I’m Prasenjit. If you ask me I have the most dynamic life which one can only dream of. Even after many risks, and odd decisions, I am extremely positive towards whatever happened to me and considering myself as a learner have embraced everything that came to my way.
I am a photography enthusiast, I said so coz I still feel shy calling myself a professional photographer.
I am a person who loves to capture emotions of the street, it’s people and the vibe. I did my bachelor’s and then masters in computer application, got into a IT job and then chose to leave it all to make something happen with my partner in crime, my best friend who happens to be my wife now.
We both decided to start this Studio Joyeeta thing, I never knew painting was my thing, and if I ever got a chance to relive my growing up years and got the independence to choose for myself I would definitely choose art for me. 
For me it was a journey of finding myself, 
I enjoy a lot creating memories, paint, click pictures of people and make this world a better place.
I do call myself the co-founder of Studio Joyeeta with a wild happiness, only those who can feel it will understand.
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