Flight Of Hope

In this tough times hope is everything that is keeping the whole mankind alive.
Dragon flies are specially known for their fast flights and they can fly straight up and down and hover like helicopters and they mate mid air,and if they can’t fly they starve to death .
Apart from all the goods and bads and all the superstitious and mythical sayings qbout dragon flies,this scientific fact fascinates me the most.

How badly they want to fly and their life depends on it.
How amazing it is when they mate mid air.
How fascinating it must be to be a dragon fly,and how devastating it can be if the right to fly is taken away from you.

Just give it a thought,
Like this woman in the painting wanting to fly as badly as a dragon fly knows its pros and cons,
But once in their life,everyone.. i mean everyone wants that kind of leap of faith.
Without thinking of the cons,
Just evolving to be a person who feels the passion.. of a deagon fly.

This thought came to me when i was reading about dragon flies in a book..
In this time of quarantine.. take some time out and think.. | Guoache on paper. | … Made this painting with @cretacoloraustria tempera paints from @creativehandsartmaterials
If you want to get these paints please visit their site and avail a 15% off with the code JOYEETA15.
Happy painting

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