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Prints available on 240-280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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Marriage is a team work.
It needs that spark the spirit,the calm,not to create problems for each other,but solve them as a team.
Marriage is not a legal deal made for the society.
Not A legal rope tying two souls together,just to die in suffocation someday.
Its not how you begun,with all the fairy tale moments, but how it continues with all the harsh reality, struggles and turmoils.
Our society makes marriage seem like a cage, when you are pushed in it,you are meant to stay together,and they have a list of expectations from you.
And thats exactly how couples forget what a cool team they were!
They forget the effort and emotions that brought them together.
And it becomes a complusion.
Complusion is a complete turn off for me.
Marriage is a different story for me.
Marriage is like a open field,where we play,fight our battles,and then sleep under the open starry sky.together.
Its not about how fancy your lifestyle is,its about how fantastic you make it each day, without just targeting the “forever” goals.

Marriage only lasts untill you feel “married” from heart.
That paper is not the one to decide ,its just another formality made.

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