Waking Up Into A Dream | My Women 20

I sleep,not because i am tired and its a routine, i sleep because i can wake up in a world that i as colourful as my heart.
I believe i am a person who desereves happiness and peace,just like you desereve it.
Just like every beautiful soul desires.

I sleep to wake up,messy and beautiful,just the way i feel i am.. i sleep to wake up in my own comfort.
I sleep in search of ideas and inspirations,
I sleep to wake up in a world filled with wild forests and flowers.

I sleep,and remain asleep, trying to ignore the cacophony of the real world,
To be lost in the wilderness of my imagination,
Where i am beautiful,happy just the way i want to be,with all my scars and imperfections.
I sleep to wake up.. And wake up in world,that is surreal,raw,and real..
More real than the real world.

How do you wake up in your dreams?

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