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Whereever i see now, people are getting married this season,though it is same for all seasons. Somehow we Indians will have atleast one bue bari each season!

And the problem with this time is i am one of them.
Though not this way,
But how i love this whole scenario when its someone else’s.
All the little details have so much aesthetic value..the beauty of each tradition is unmatched.
When i say i am not doing allthese does not mean i dont like it,
Its just i like watching it as a spectator more rather than being in the scene.
May be i like observing this.
This wedding invite was made for a lovely couple.

Trust me,in bengal the aesthetically beautiful wedding arrangements with all the kashar bashon,mach,kolagach,benarasi,shidur gach kouto..
I have never ending options to play with.

Just stand in the corner,and take in all the vibes of our old traditions.

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