Mahamaya | My Women 09

We all are a part of a story.
A story which we think is being written by someone else.
The story is full of unexpected events, sorrow, happiness,anger, jealousy and sometimes extreme monotony or something that i may not even know or understand!
Even if we feel that the story is not in our control,the writer is playing tricks and making it rough, i try to be a good director. Make it worth experiencing.
We can direct or edit our stories,add little events, that the story didnt offer,and make the life worth living for ourselves.
Take some time out,and think which chapter you want to be there, highlight it,and omit the chapters that ruins your story.that doesnt tickle your heart.
Even if you are not the writer of your story,be the lead and the director,and make it worth experiencing,if not for others,for yourself.
Mahamaya seems to be the lead,thinking of her next move!

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