My Woman 150


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Prints available on 270-280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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As a kid there were very few things i was interested in as mostly painting was hugely the main passion my heart and soul consisted of..
I rarely got interested or hold my interest in anything other than visual art.
But dancing was one other thing that i was so fond of!
And i loved to perform!
And of course nothing can be done if not done with whole heart, and i personally am not capable to do multiple artforms, as an adult, and still painting, i chanalise my love for dancing through painting people dancing!
In any way, my love is expressed.

Original piece available.

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print size

2'x1.5' canvas, A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper

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