Love Letter


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Prints available on 270-280GSM high quality textured paper and canvas

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Just like the old radio where we had to wait for the song we loved,
And the joy was unmatched when we felt the radio jockey exactly knows what i love!
Like waiting to get some space in the crowded home to make a quick call to the secret lover.
Like waiting and storing memories so that we can share them all with the loved one in our secret meetings!
Just like these little joys, love letters are something which will never lose it’s charm in my perspective.
So precious so personal.
The effort of writing down the expression, to share the feelings.
In broken words and sentences.. all it screamed was “i care”
And keeping those safe.
Keeping the memories and journey of the relationship safe in a small box under your clothes in the darkest corner of your almirahs so that no can can reach it but you.
Smelling the paper in the desire to smell the lover, or may be the in the person used.
Caressing your fingers over the memories that has been recalled in the paper.
Some got got smudged with tears, some feels like to the eyes.
The longing and the burning desire.
The charm of telling the one “i miss you” or “i think of you” without really telling it!
And falling asleep on it, reading and re- reading. Till in the dreams, they meet. Under the blanket of the warm envelope.
Amongst the memories narrated!
In the clouds of memories they meet.
They meet finally!

This piece is very special and close to my heart.
And i am happy to see it come out just the way i wanted it to!

mixed media on canvas – 36”/30”
Dm / mail to purchase the original.


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print size

12"x14" paper, 21"x24" Canvas

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