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“And that’s the thing about people who mean everything they say, they think everyone else does too”.


This book is so damn close to my heart for ever. Ever since I managed to read it, it has been there in me like a sad sweet nostalgia.

This book changed the definition of love from a romantic one to something that we all have in our heart for anyone!

Hassan was my favourite , a friend i wanted to be,a friend i wanted for myself.

The best part of the story( there are many but i had to talk about this one), is when Aamir read out whatever he wrote, to Hassan ,and ,he Listened!!

Not only he Listened he asked interesting questions and and added his own tits and bits to that and left Aamir wondering!

That’s what makes my heart beat faster!

That’s the kind of relationship i crave for.

There are so many kind of friends..

1. Who will uplift you no matter what.

2. Who doesn’t care. Who doesn’t hear you.but loves you.

3. One who makes you a better person by having your back but also telling you where you go wrong, and you end up being a team.

I have always cherished the third kind.

Even through the words in the book i could feel the ache in my heart for what happened in their childhood.

I had to paint the scene of them building up a story!! What a genius Hassan would have been if he had the privilege to become a writer someday too!🙈

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