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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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I am sure there are very few people who has the guts to hear no.
For women specially it has always been like- ” let him take the first move”
Not only because you have been brought up like that,but also the society is sitting with their mouth open to judge you!
Why not take the first move?
•it might seem im desparate
•it might seem i dont have any grace.
•it might make me look needy.
•he/she might say no.
•why should i?im too good for him/her!
There are many!
Its tough for all the genders.
Often we have killed the love, passion, attractions and desires in our heart,just because our brains reminded us of all the warnings!
I don’t disagree – taking the first step,the first move is never easy.
If its an yes ,it’s beautiful,life is now just the way i wanted it to be!
If it’s a no! might seem humiliating,sad, insulting, and what not!

But did you ever think?
How simple it can be?
Love is a feeling,which is yours,your own,personal.
you cherish it,even when you don’t get it back the same way.
You cherish it in your own way,and when the live drains out,move on!
Its okay.
If you love someone,its not always necessary that the other one will love you back,or love you the same way you do!(or like him,or want to date him or just a short time thing , whatever). We all have had crushes,we all have felt immensely attracted towards our friends or strangers, but how many times did be have the strength to confront and accept it with our head held high?

Don’t make love a game of ego and pride.
Love is much much much serene than these worldly issues.
Love/attraction is natural,its beauty,and you are not desparate if you fall for someone.
You will be if you force that person in any way to be with you.

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