Kaleidoscope Of Love


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Just like a kaleidoscope, love for me is all about how you see it.
From which angle, in which design and definitely in which perspective.
Celebrating love is the most human thing people can do.
I often see people not appreciating PDA , not appreciating people celebrating love and just enjoying it in their way harmlessly, but the same people are completely okay with war, hate, Discrimination,etc. the open display pf hate is normalised where as the open display of love is called cheesy.
Not only couples and people in love, even open display of self love is tagged as so many wrong names.
Everyone deserves to love to be loved.
That one person who ruined the idea of love shouldn’t actually be the reason for you not to believe in love anymore.
Don’t give that right to anyone,
Remember at the end of the day, love will find you, may be not the way you expected it to, but the way nature wanted it to be.
Just sit back, appreciate every expression of love, and make everyday special for yourself and for the people in your life who keeps the meaning and feeling of love bright and shining.
Never ever let anyone tell you that love doesn’t exist!!

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12" X 12" paper, 8" X 8" paper

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