My sketchbook series- 1.

So yesterday i did a poll about putting up my other works from my sketchbook.and i got an awwwwesome response, sorry to the 5-6 people who said no.. i guess here the majority wins.

As you all know im addicted to people. I love painting people and their emotions.
Im not a person who sketches alot.
Generally if i start something i just cant leave it half done,specially when i like it.
Just like my relationships i guess.
So each page of my sketchbooks somehow has works that can be shown.. thanks for the amazing requests to post them.
I spend hours for each page.and i love keeping them close to me.

Im keeping the prints available.

I will share my thoughts behind each from the next one.
I hope you people will like it. Let me know in the comment section.

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Prints available on 260gsm high quality textured paper(acid free)

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A3, A4, A5

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