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Maa aschen.
Life of a bengali is incomplete without listenting to mahalaya atleast once in life.
The mahalaya recited by Birendra krishno Bhodro is something we Bengalis take pride of.

Mahalaya, is the beginning of debi pokkho,and marks the end of pitri pokkho.
Bengalis celebrate it with immense enthusiasm,because this marks the beginning of a timespan of 7 days,where people actually live a surreal life,where the whole community is immersed in the ecstacy of festive joy.
When we were kid,maa would play this in full volume at 4 o’clock morning on the radio.
I could literally smell of dhuno through the radio.

The countdown has already begun.
Our soul is eager to fill itself with the magical mahalaya morning,and welcome the days of joy.

Was designed for @parama_g

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These mini illustrations were made for designer Parama Ghosh.


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