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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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Few days back,someone asked me,by seeing our picture together,
“Do you get bored in a relationship?” My answer clearly was yes!!
We all get bored with monotony and we get stuck in a cycle of same events with the same person.
Denying the fact will not make us look anything special,we do get irritated too,we do sometimes have time when we do not just want to talk to each other.
But what helps us deal with it is accepting that this exists between us.
Accepting the truth about not being in a cuddle mode all the time,accepting the fact that sometimes we like spending time doing our own thing and letting the other one do it too.
Why is it so tough for people to talk about getting bored??
And why is getting bored has to be the full stop??
I do get bored with my work sometimes..
All i do is do it differently and make it fun.

In a very fast paced life,we all have different lifestyles and ways of looking at life.
The more we focus on how we want life to be rather than looking at how others are enjoying their lives,can really make your life easier.

What might be fun for others,may not be for you.

So the first step to look at it in a different way is to sit and talk. Have a real conversation.
If any one of you is not ready to have a conversation, its is definitely a red flag.
P.s.But right now im definitely in a winter cuddle mode!!

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