Hills & Maggi Magnet

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The most wanted and desired cliché in most of our lives.
This inseparable combination of hills and maggi was always trending,will always remain so, because this is something we just can’t ignore.

All we wanted before the quarantine was to go and spend some days on the hills, but alas, we had to push dates for work,and this this corona happened for which we don’t know when we will be allowed to travel again!!
The first thing we will do is pack our bags and rush to the hills.

The mist,the hills,the drizzle. A long walk,ghosh clicking pictures,sketching,chatting,singing,silently absorbing the goodness and purity of nature and then stopping by to have some tea and that hot bowl of Maggi at the roadside stall.
It is just so soothing, satisfying,
Whenever it rains here,we always make some maggi just to get the feel of the hills..
Do you do the same?

P.s. ok if all my description sounded like Darjeeling , well you know how much i love that place.


Dm to purchase this handpainted wooden magnet.

Loved the acrylic paints from @brustro_official,
You can purchase them from @creativehandsartmaterials and use the coupon code JOYEETA15 to avail a discount of 15%

All rights are reserved under www.studiojoyeeta.com

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4 inches


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