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This reminds me of maa and me.. Maa has always been a guiding force for me,
Baba staying abroad for his work,it was maa who was physically present with us as we sisters grew up.
Even after the mishap ( cerebral attack,which paralised half her body ) that happened in her life and changed everything in her life couldn’t change the spirit of that woman,
Even a nonfunctioning hand couldn’t stop her from doing everything she did before.
Badass,independent,never pampered us, but trust me now i feel that was the best part.
She was the one who irritated me the most but also a person who told everyone who thought i was making a mistake taking up art, that one should wait and see, and should also do it to understand whether its a mistake or not.
No today is no mother’s day,
But why not.
This small project reminded me of my childhood.
Contact us to get your own customised handpainted wooden magntes.

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Contact us to get your own customized wooden magnet


4 inches


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