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Epar bangla – opar bangla. ( For the bengali’s here- you will get the whole thing just by the name 😆) My grandmother and grandfather from both my mother’s and father’s sides were from Bangladesh.
During the partition,they had to leave everything there and come to India as refugees.
When i say “everything” ,i mean it,they just grabbed whatever they could(which could be carried in their bags or hands).
I have grown up hearing a lot of stories from them,and till their last day they spoke in “bangal bhasha”.
So i knew i was a bangal and need to support East bengal football team!
(I never went to bangladesh,i was born in India.so i shouldn’t actually be boasting about it!). Then i met Ghosh. And his whole family from all sides were a-deshi, i.e. ghoti. All their ansestors were based in India-kolkata. And they supported mohonbagan football team!

I came to know there are some actual cultural differences,that still exist. After so many days of the partition.
Our food habits(cooking style),our way of talking, expressions etc. Differ.
And these are very sweet,subtle and beautiful differences.
He still calls me bangal,and i call him ghoti!
If you know kolkata’s culture and history- its a cute war that exists ,and cherished by bangalis!

Ps. For those who didn’t understand the fish reference – hilsa is bangal’s property and chingri is ghoti’s! 😜 Just kidding! .
P.s. these are Customizable fridge magnets!

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