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Customised Notebook for a journalist.
A person, who is unbiased, political and has the power to mould a society.
Whenever we hear the word politics, it repels most of us.
Not me though.
Politics and having political opinion and views is a part of our life.just like everything else.
The food we eat,is related to it.
The roads we walk on,matters.
Day by day the strong unbiased journalism is becoming rare.
Whatever we are being fed is not always based on facts.
We are hearing stories,instead of news.
I know most of you would think why in the middle of the damn week she is ranting about journalism and politics.
Im saying this,coz i feel it.
Ignorance is not the solution.
Awareness is.
Politics is not bad. it’s the only way problems can be solved,but sadly we mostly see problems being created.
Supporting a particular ideology isn’t bad,
Being blind definitely is.

For a fan of @kanhaiyakumar.
Exclusive Hand painted notebook from studio joyeeta.

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90GSM maplitho natural paper

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