Fall In Love, Start With Yourself

This one word is the most positive word in the world.
I do not believe that there can be any single day to celebrate a feeling that is divine,magical.
I dont think hate has ever solved any problem!
But love has.
No bad experience should make you stop believing in love.

Lets not ask “why” when we are in love. And just taste it like wine!

Lets not stop anyone.lets not harm anyone.lets not hate!
Set your heart free and spread love.
Lets love and let people love the way they want to.
But but but… The most important thing is – love your own self.

If you fail to love yourself,no love will seem enough.
Accept yourself with all the harmless flaws and imperfections.
Cherish it.
Fall in love with yourself.

And then,

Fall in love with people who will help you fall in love with yourself!

Happy valentine’s day everyone,
Joyeeta and Ghosh

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