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How much do we actually know about it?
How much do we actually understand.
How much do we actually want to understand?
Talking about mental health is not something uncommon in the studio joyeeta space.
My inbox is a space where people has spoken about themselves.
Abusers and abused.
Sufferers and also people who had to survive with sufferers.
Its a spectrum less explored,
But has an effect bigger that we can think of.
Physical injuries can be identified, can be healed,or even dealt with,
The worst part of mental health is we do not identity what is wrong,and start blaming every single thing in our life.

I dream of a day when mental checkup,people talking and taking help and everything else is a norm.

My speaking about my own mental health gives me the strength to deal with it.
Some might feel i say too much,some might feel she is oversensitive.
Trust me,dealing with these judgements are also a part of my journey of survival.. Our peace lies exactly where our turmoils began.
Let the quest of peace reach it’s goal.

Let ignorance rest in peace.

Have a beautiful healthy mind.

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