My Sketchbook-2.

Ask me what comes out of my heart,
I would say,
Its a mystery to unfold,even for my brain.
Its a war of colours,that knows no limits,
Its a war of things i am not completely aware of.
As my dali said,he didn’t need drugs,he was his own drug,
I have a little different take on this.
Give me anything, any situation, any battle any emotion,
Ill make my own drug out of it.
No,i do not like being under any kind of influence when i pick up my pencils,pens,inks and paints.
I am under the influence of my own burning desire.
Is desire a bad thing?
Do you sometime feel you desires are the root cause of all your problem?
What if i say,that desire makes you live.
By saying “live” i didn’t mean just breathing.
Being alive is the illusion.
That is the trick life is constantly playing.
Hide and seek.
You hide your intense desires,and forget to live,
You seek nothing,and you are just “alive”.
Just,plain boring alive.

I cannot afford boredom in the little life ive been blessed with.

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