Winter Is Here

Smell of old sweaters and what memories they carry..
So precious so warm..
Some old sweaters not only make us warm physically but also makes us feel menatlly warm by taking us back in time.
We often keep our woolens and fit in them like forever..
Haven’t you taken out any such woolens this year?
And my favorite thing for winters is shawl,
How amazingly cozy i feel.. Curled up in a shawl..
Giving a damn to what the world is expecting you to look and be and do to your bodies!! Last but not the least,
That steaming cup of tea to begin the day..
Coffee for many of you im sure..
But how can anyone even kick start a day without this??
My mind doesn’t work untill and unless i get some tea!

P.s. this is also the time we inherit our parent’s woolens!!

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