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Throughout the majority of human civilisation patriarchal society has tried it’s best to control dominate and dictate about our bodies.
I have always wondered why? Why and how much would that benefit them?
They have passed on their rules and brainwashed us to think a certain way, feel a certain way, have authority and not have authority accordingly..
But how would that benefit the oppressor?
Because how long can humans control what nature has given them? How can human alter the natural path? The natural norm and urges??
For example the shame they have imposed on women or queer bodies made no sense to me untill I understood the power they hold.
The weren’t trying to control our bodies or way of living or our rights, but our expressions, our power.
With time I realised the greatest thing an oppressor takes away from it’s target victim is their expression.
By shaming them, blaming them, and definitely by imposing moral boundaries for them in order to brainwash.

Never ever forget the power of your expression, your body, your rights.
Nothing on earth can control what nature has given you.
Be proud of it, because that’s how you will bloom, grow, and overshadow the injustice people have imposed on you.
Trust nature.
Nature never lies.

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