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The superhuman, the superewoman,
The ultimate saviour.
I wish we had her as our own super heroine, the bad ass woman,who lurked in the shadow,and slayed the heads of evil.
I wish we had her with a cape.. may be her long unruly hair was her cape all the time.
The concept,the stories of kali is powerful and motivating.
As i always say, not being a religious person, characters and figures like kali durga and rather deeper impact on me,as i don’t just love them because of any fear or rule.. i love them because of how they have been portrayed, and depicted throughout history.
I love them because we all have them within us..
The unruly,unforgiving, kali..
The enigmatic character who will not tolerate the unjust,abuser and tormentors.
She knows how to show her strength and slays her looks with the fascinating rokto joba.
Just imagine growing up,looking up to her like a super hero(not just a goddess who is asking for your worshipping).
May all children grow up with the strength of speaking up for themselves and for those who need them..
Tolerating crime,is equally unacceptable.
Happy kali pujo to everyone over here.
Recognize the inner kali,and let her free whenever such situations arrive.

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