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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

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If love came to the socially claimed beautiful and perfect people, then there won’t be any person with a desired face unhappy and lonely, but that isn’t the case.
Love isn’t about how you look,
How you look can attract people, may be excite them, or drool over you, but love is not what you see, but how you see.
The beauty the charm isn’t there in the person, but in the person you see.
The person you look up to, crazily in love with might be the the most mundane common unworthy person for someone else, but to know why you love that person crazily, one needs to see that particular person through your eyes.
It is an undefinable feeling, a lense or a perspective.
Love happens when you witness a person in a particular perspective which might not be comprehensible to others. You, sitting at that angle in that person’s life is making you see the beauty of the soul,and no one will understand your love unless they sit in your place and look through you.
Love is that perspective, which literally makes things and people beautiful for you.

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