The War With Yourself


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Please feel free to make your own interpretation of this work, I will feel really happy if you also share it with us on the comment section.

This painting took birth in my mind as visuals ,like a movie,
The experience of a person in war with her own self,not for the circumstances, but scientifically!!
Fighting her demons,
Demons which her brain and hormones created.

Feeling nervous, tensions,worries are a regular part of our lives, with the solution of the respective problems in our lives it goes aways. The worries that are based on circumstances.
But clinical anxiety is different.
Can you imagine a person feeling immense pain without having any physical reason for the pain?
Unexpected sweating,negative thoughts, hopelessness, shaking hands,tingling effect in the body, nausea,recurring headaches triggered by minmal things around us, heat flushes cold flushes and what not!

This is a medical condition, which needs medical and clinical support.

The random person who gives you hope on Internet can only give you hope with sweet words, or even your friends who loves you , it’s not their fault not to properly equipped with the knowledge of counselling and medicines.

Only Hope will not heal you.
Healing is a time consuming process.
Feeling hopeful is temporary,
In such cases, the hope vanishes when your mind isn’t on the same page with you.
Healing and knowing to deal with it is permanent!!
Identify the differences!!

Please don’t blame your friends, they are friends, not doctors.

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