The Joker

Had to make this.
Had to.. i had to.
I still can’t get out of the experience this movie gave me.
Joker performed by joaquin phoenix has moved my soul.
It will somehow leave you confused damaged,and guilty of feeling sad for a ruthless criminal.
It is not a movie to glorify or justify crime.
What he becomes is no way acceptable,not even expexted.
But yet it leaves a mark,making us think of the character,as damaged as our thoughts can be.
I cried after coming out of the theatre.
No,not for the character,but for myself.
Im so thankful that i have been blessed with awareness and the ability to fight to keep my mind sane and take help,instead of becoming the devil.
I wish the society and even our parents knew.
Just to give that support we all crave for.
How damaging can emotional abuse get.
Only the one who has gone through can feel.
It doesn’t show. It doesn’t leave visible scars,
But it changes and kills you from inside.
But then the only thing which can save you is your own awareness,and your own choice.
How little do we know, how little do we care?

When was the last time you actually answered your own mind?
When was the last time you pretended to be happy coz that was expected of you?
When was the last time you actually didn’t give a f**k about what people would think and take care of your own mental health?

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