The Bride

Winters and wedding in India is like tea and biscuits!😋.
She looks at her best friend throuh the beetle leaves,and sees a new man.
She sees the little boy she dated,she sees the mess the trouble of her life.
She also sees the shoulders she can rest after a stressful day,
Sees a man who cries like a baby,and cant take a decision for himself.
She knows its not an easy journey, because it never was.
She is doubtful how she will manage?
But again,
When she looks at the eyes where she found peace,the eyes that loved her for whatever mess she is..the eyes that never dared to lie to her.
That moment she realised, marriage is just a thing…just a social approval…they were married long back…long long back,when they realised that “trust me” was a term,any of them never had to use…ever.

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