Often we do not realise where our shelter is.
We select one,we name one,we imagine one,and then a situation comes when you start realising what your shelter is actually.
A place where you are accepted,like home,
No judgements,no questions asked.
You can walk in quietly,without even having to explain yourself..
And that person will embrace you with open arms,
The shelter you believe in now,may not be exactly the same,
But one thing i can say, where you have to constantly explain yourself and be apologetic about whatever you are all the time,and have to work harder to prove what you are,is definitely not the shelter you belong to..
Take time out,let life take its twists and turn,
You find the shelter you always longed for as a friend,sister,stranger,partner,lover.. whatever be it.
What is important is hoping that life will offer us with atleast one.

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