Sanchayita | My Women 07

Being a bengali sanchaita,geetobitaan,golpogucho etc has been a part of my childhood.
No i wasnt a reader when i was a kid, but maa always read all the poems and stories to us..and explained the stories to me and my sister.
I was so impatient and didnt want to listen,
But she told the stories in a way that made it sound more beautiful.
Maa fell sick at a very young age.suffered a lot.but she is a strong lady who managed everything,as my father was posted abroad.
I dont remember much of young maa,as all the suffering comes up to my mind when i think about her.
Few days back while i was reading a book,i somehow managed to imagine how she might have been when she was Young,married baba, how she looked when she read the books ..
I just tried my best to imagine and painted a woman from my imagination.
But No its not her.
Im showed this to her and she denied!
I still dont know what the scene was!

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