When will it be normal to say people that we are not feeling well,of feeling sick not for some physical health,but for clinical depression or anxiety or bipolarity or….(the list is endless)???

When will it be okay to say i couldn’t get up from bed because of a panic attack?
When will it be okay to tell in front of a room full of people that I wasn’t doing well for some mental health issue,went to a doctor,and now I’m feeling better, without the silent judgements coming on your way.
Those eyes staring,
Those sympathetic friends who wants to be your therapist,Those whispers behind your back if you snap or are sad or you don’t smile- “that depressed soul,a nut case,is always like this,”
Do you know people can need help after coming out of a stressful relationship?

Why do ones laughing and smiling and having a fun life mean that person cannot have clinical depression?

Why would one’s being all confident and outgoing mean they don’t shake with pain when they get a panic attack?
Do you know a person going through panic attack can actually feel the pain which is only happening for a neurological disorder?

Why can’t people just say take help,and take rest just the way they say for other health issues?
Because one needs it.

Why do people say you need to strong and positive when they hear about mental health,but don’t say the same for fever?

When is the time it will be normal?
When will we really understand a person can die for this rather than denying it.

It is a scientifically medically proved issue,
When will we give it the importance it needs?

Gouache on black paper.

(Made on brustro’s black paper a4 sketchbook,also used their gouache,you can purchase those from with my coupon code JOYEETA10 to get a discount)

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