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This is going to be a little dark post,
Truth itself isn’t flowery and beautiful.
We always know the adjectives that go with truth – “harsh” “bitter” etc.
But on a lighter note, in our bengali culture we have a tradition of having something really bitter as the starter, because it makes the rest of the food feel tastier!

While many say that I don’t face any problem hence there isn’t problem is a very problematic statement itself.
Many who proudly say i am not a feminist, has literally no idea what feminism is.

Anyone who says she isn’t a feminist wouldn’t have the platform to say this if the feminist from history didn’t make that for you.

Anyone who says time has changed, must step out of the privileges they have been blessed with and see the world.

Anyone who says, women is now allowed to do so many things now a days, are yet to understand that they are still under some authority who is taking the credit by allowing something that should be normally their own choice.

Anyone saying women are women’s worst enemies are yet to understand the value of unity.This phrase was coined just to keep women in control, so that they keep fighting with each other, and forget about what they are capable of. divide and rule. Many women hence bargain with patriarchy. Say No!!

Everytime we say a mother is the most respectable person on earth, remember it is another tool of patriarchy, any woman deserves respect. There shouldn’t be any discrimination.

Men who feel patriarchy is important, the same is taking away your “human” “emotional” rights. And you then function as a war machine.

Last but not the least as a post woman’s day note – those woman are either goddess or slut in your society, the only thing they forget to call them is-human.

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