Polaroid Series 2

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Be it good or bad, pictures play a very important role in our lives.
It was definitely an amazing invention.
How amazing it is to capture a little moment in a still,inanimated frame, which may be just a picture for someone and a whole story book for someone.

I am a hoarder of old pictures,i love looking at old pictures even i don’t know the people in it.
Its like trying to read a book,which leaves everything to your imagination.
Darjeeling was beautiful. I loved,lived and cherished every moment and also spent some time sketching and painting.

As its just me and ghosh,there are some images,scenes,that we could not capture and keep.
But can any camera be better than our eyes and mind???
Definitely no..
Its my imaginary polaroid picture from the trip,
The hills,the clouds,the colours..
Every moment doesn’t need a camera..my eyes are enough to keep them in my heart for ever.

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