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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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Done with all the self love mantra, the boosting up posts talking about loving yourself.. the gorgeous people owning themselves. After all the boosts and motivations.. and changing times and efforts all around.. there is a time when i am alone with myself.. or alone in my mind amidst a crowd.
My mind,empty and blue.. feels that sudden pinch of insecurity..When all the motivation and beautiful words washes away.. the tingling feeling of “not being good enough” crawls in. The urge to get submerged in the layers of my safe place..
If i have flaunted beauty of existence through my work.. why am i not expressing everything that come naturally to me? To us??
We all say love yourself… but who tells you how??
Why are we all so ashamed to accept that we aren’t brave all the time.. we aren’t strong always.. we aren’t always feeling good about ourselves.. and that’s also us.. the sunshine that i show the gloom that i hide.. makes me the person i am!! Existing .. just like you.. hiding.. just like you.. sometimes brave.. sometimes vulnerable..
But existing and hustling my way through life.
Self love is self acceptance… and i do accept the black white and greys of myself, ending up falling in love with myself again and again. And after the gloom gets over.. my face shines with hope.. and i get back to the world with all the sunshine.
Just to exist and take up my space.
just like you.

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