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I found the world to be beautiful but it felt more at home when i saw it through the lens of my madness.
Anything straight, as it is and lacking the quirk makes me wonder how i can own it and embrace it in my own style.

I have painted people in my style and it keeps evolving.. but few things that I definitely wanted to mention is the environment the people are placed in.
The little things in the background, the little daily objects which I don’t like placing them as it is from reality in my paintings.. get their own make over too!
When i remove my people i do see these objects existing with their own pride and identity..
I felt good.. that they are one of the most interesting way my subconscious works.
The unintentional approach is something that will definitely get ruined if i become aware of the transformations!
I would let it come with flow..

My approach towards life and my beliefs have been like an open book but encrypted in my paintings and captions everyday.
You just cannot separate me from my art.. as they are my genuine expression!

Similarly i painted few things that matters during this time of the year to me.
And the Bengalis and people who love Bengal will identify it will!
Feel free to ask me in the comment if you don’t get what i meant about the upcoming festivities!
Two images that do say a-lot about the time!

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