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My women : 18

Just as i wrote in my stories..i was going through the #metgala pictures and myself being a ” no one ” in fashion was looking with wonder how some of them have pulled off their dresses and ideas so well..
I have always been a fan of dali’s exaggeration and surreal form of art in the world of fashion.
His jewels if you have seen,the beating heart made of ruby the lips with the pearl teeth are things i am literally in love with.(if you have not seen, please google it and see.or else you will be missing out something brilliant).
Some worked out,some didn’t,
But i have a special love for dramatic fashion!
And damn,metgala’s theme this time was exaggerated dramatic crazy fashion!
I love when artists go crazy with their imagination and let their creative juices flow without thinking about judgements.
Specially because its not something we will wear everyday..
I just tried out my version by using my culture,my favourites and exaggerated it, giving it the dramatic aspect with the head gear and the use of jaba.
Im not an expert with this! Its just on a light note!

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Illustration of my imaginary Metgala Costume!


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