Bare Soul

My experience says,not everything which is beautiful and precious will compulsorily come with a “forever” tag.
Just like you,and your life.lets accept it.

We always have a tendency to hate or be sad about everything that didnt last.
Even the best friendship on earth can me.
But that does not make the whole thing,whole connection and all the emotions related to it “bad” or unnecessary.
I have grown with every person i shared emotional relationship with.
I dont regret it.
It ended because that was all the relationship had for me.that was all it could contribute in the one life im blessed with.
It may have been disgusting,but do you realise,if you are strong today and have moved on..its what you have learnt from that relationship. It did contribute something.

Let’s cherish and accept everything a relationship gives,end it when time comes, continue and grow if it helps you grow as a person or as human being.
And do not regret but understand what it taught us.
Not forcing ourselves into anything thats not making you feel beautiful,needed, emotional, and all the feelings you want to deserve it.

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