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My parents don’t really show any enthusiasm even if I wish them mother’s day or father’s day or any such thing, so it ends up me creating an art for the day reliving my own memories.
But when they read and see that i cherish the memories, they just smile. That is all.
😂😂 though i get the complete message from that one smile.
I made this little illustration and send it to my father saying-
“ you and me in airport every year when you were coming or leaving, I totally loved those suitcase ride “ that’s all, the unsaid message continued in my mind though – “ and they kind of eased the sadness of you leaving us and increased the joy of you visiting us.
I have no idea when and how i grew bigger for your suitcases, and these suitcase rides, but this memory will definitely stay with me for no particular reason.
I remember standing in the STD booths taking turns with rest of my family, calling you, and you asking me what would i want you to bring for me? And i would say anything to draw. And your letter where you drew things for me. The distance for your job was painful for us, but you made sure to make us aware of your existence every moment. And when you finally came back, i was old, you were older, and we became friends and I realised how much of your nature and character i already had in me without even being aware.” This part of the message I didn’t write coz i know my father will not read and end up saying, this is just too much😂😂😂😂

He replied “bah, khub bhalo ekechish”(“wah, very well drawn)
That was all but i heard or visualised that smile on his face and felt good.😍😍

Happy father’s day to every father who just unknowingly make their children’s life beautiful, and nurture them so that they bloom and shine.
who raises and empowers their kids to have their own voice.

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