Living In Memories


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There are many kinds of people,

But still as i always say we manage to be alike and different in the same way , in a same pattern,

How ever hard we try to stand out,

Nature brings us together through it’s little tricks and techniques.


Minds of people.

This has always fascinated me ever since I realised how vivid the subject is.

The kind i was talking about in the beginning, are those who live in their memories.

In their past.

Who even though have aged, but clings to all they had before and all that made them feel something.

Memories that define them,

Memories that are just the human form of what they are now.

How impactful memories are to human minds.

And how flawlessly people disguise their memories as themselves.

For those who aren’t as confused as me while writing this – cheers!😂


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