Gulabo and Her Blue Rose


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Prints available on 280GSM high quality textured paper.

It is advised to get a frame after receiving the print to avoid size mismatch

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Paintings are often illusions..
Tricks to grab your attention and remind you of the human capabilities of creations.
For years and years of human existence people portrayed their emotion.. played with supplies and focused towards one thing… creating.
While i painted gulabo.. i felt the little bends of her body. Her strong body wrapped in the delicate fabric. And her obsession with roses.
From the name to the folds of her blanket.. to the patterns around her.. roses are her favourite…
But still her most favourite among them is the blue rose.
She resonates with the blue rose.
And it makes her bring out the enchantress within her.
We all have these blue roses in our lives as friends, lovers, mentors.. depends.. who becomes worthy of being the blue rose in your life.

Watercolor on paper.
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