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Happy mother’s day to every lovely people who identify themselves as mothers.
What stunning people they are.
We have all thanked them, appreciated them and have felt blessed to have people like them in life.
What i have realised in my little insignificant life is that motherhood is a feeling, which is much more deep and complicated than giving birth. It is a feeling that comes from immense power and strength.
But what can we give these amazing people who already are so powerful and amazing?
Words, appreciations, gifts, love, thanks, respect, etc. ?
I was thinking of what else we could give them?
And then the raw reality and the unnatural and inhuman expectations society has from mothers hit me hard.
For a second i thought how we have created boundaries and limits in their lives with out high expectations from a mother,
We expect them to be a certain way, behave a certain way, be selfless, be strong,nurtuting, a person who sould purpose is to be a mother,some “thing” more than human,
We have already declared them super human and forgot to give them the basic human rights to be as human as we all are. As they were someday.
This mother’s day i would like to see all the mothers embracing their wings and fly high, fall in love, make mistakes, dream, work for themselves, smile laugh, be a mess, be the spirit they were before being made to identify themselves just a mother, let’s remind all our mothers that they are human, and they do not need to forget that because society expects them to be super humans.
Let them fly high, let us help them find themselves if they fail to do that alone.
We free them from the moral boundaries, remind them about the wings they have, and the wings they have ignored in the process of being a mother.
Let’s respect them for what they are, not just because they have given birth to us.
Let’s celebrate them selflessly for a day!
Also let’s make this day special for those who haven’t given birth physically but in mind and life, they are supermoms!

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