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My women series -36.

I again have no idea why I’m looking at her,and named her Durga,
She doesn’t have the third eye,she isn’t doing anything heroic,nor is she saving anyone in the Painting,she isn’t multitasking with her ten hands,and nor is she doing anything godly!
Why then?

I made this painting a month back from a beautiful vintage monochrome picture,i felt a strong connection with her,the way she is staring at us while having her cup of tea,
But I wanted to see this as a spectator who will observe her.
After the artist in me has done the work,she is satisfied,and then the spectator in me is disturbed,agitated and somehow her gaze makes my heart skip a beat.

Today as i looked at her,i felt i heard the story, it seemed she is taking a sip from her freshly brewed tea with her guests,many people,many opinion,she likes to keep silent and hear what they have to serve, slowly taking in things that actually pampers her intellectual hunger,and skipping and avoiding comments,and stupidity like a queen!
She is unique like Durga even in her daily simplicity,and her eyes and life speaks for her,she doesn’t need to show here what she has dealt with,she knows how to fight a battle,freshen up and reboot herself just with a sip of the freshly brewed tea.
She knows,and exactly that’s her power,her knowledge.
Her humbleness,her being aware.
She believes a person who is aware of the truth,is the most powerful,and hence she became my Durga.

Watercolor on paper

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A3 paper, A4 paper, A5 paper


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