Dhaki,waiting to play his beats of joy.

We all see and cherish the sound of dhak.
For me pujo begins when the sound of dhak touches my soul.

Being a musically handicapped person, i love watching people play music,and it leaves me awestruck.
Fron childhood, be it the pujo at my maternal uncle’s place or the locality, i loved to watch the dhakis play the beats.and dance to it.

Just close your eyes.. listen to the beats.you just can’t stop being happy.
Your feet will follow the beat.

I knew some dhakis really well,coz they used to come every year,and maa gave them all the clothes and other things, you have no idea what struggle they go through, how they wait for pujo,and how they play dhak for our joy and some money keeping all their personal stress hidden.

They are performers.
Real performers.
Unnoticed souls, who never fail to make our heart dance.

We all forget all our sorrows,troubles,just for these days, its like a rehabilitation for all the bengalis,even for those who are not bengalis.

I imagine how a dhaki awaits.. for a pujo.. atleast we do. Every year.

Its shashti.. get ready to hit the floor.

Shubho shashti.

Done on procreate.

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