Day 6 of 100 day challenge.

Female sexuality.

A topic which is so controversial in the whole world that even the one talking and spreading about it aren’t spared.

But why is it such a controversial issue?
Women in general have been controlled and specially awarded with one specific thing – purity/izzat/shomman/saintlike/someone who is delicate and needs to be protected where the one most important thing she needs to save is her body.
Once it is touched,used,and explored she is impure.
Recently,I had a conversation with my friend and it reminded me how this was taught in a moral education class in a very popular convent school – “your body is a temple, don’t let anyone make it dirty”

Its isn’t uncommon,
If by chance anyone comes to know that you have sex, your life is ruined!

This award given to us by the society, actually turned out be a curse for the gender.

When even talking about sex openly,frankly and accepting that you like it, can make you a slut! Masturbation is a topic which is defamed even before the discussion starts.

Your body is your, treat it with care and use it in every possible way which is healthy and aren’t harmful for you.
Touching oneself and masterbation is as normal to a woman as a man.
Many don’t even explore this action because of the “sins” and “Taboos” used to scare girls and the defamation that follows.

Touching Yourself is your right,your pleasure,just like having sex. (with consent of your partner.even you women can’t force your men to indulge into things they don’t want to do)

Don’t be aggressive towards people who doesn’t believe it, the years of nonsense which runs in our blood cannot be ignored. Change yourself,that is enough to change the world.

And pleasure!😘 Ps. Be kind.

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